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Tianjin University’s School of Earth System Science Visited Institute of Karst Geology

Published Time:2021-07-28

From July 21 to 23, 2021, Professor Chen Jiubin, Vice Dean of Tianjin University’s School of Earth System Science, led a 4-member delegation to visit the Institute of Karst Geology, China Geological Survey.The two sides exchanged views on developing cooperation on isotope geochemistry in karst areas.

Prof. Chen gave anacademic presentation entitled “Potential applications of metal (non-traditional) stable isotopes in environmental health”. The presentation mainly consisted of five sections: basic metal isotope testing methods and theoretical systems, riverine metal isotope tracing, anomalous mercury isotope systems, and medical applications of metal isotope. All these sections presented in detail the latest international and their team research in this field, and provide insight into the important applications of metal isotopes in scientific research and in everyday life.

During the field trip, Prof. Chen and his delegation acquired a detailed understanding of the general situation, hydrogeology, power supply and other natural and experimental conditions of Yaji and Mao Cunfield experiment bases of the Institute of Karst Geology, and made a preliminary site selection for the later setting of field monitoring sites. The two sides communicated about thefuture joint effort to be made on field monitoring,remote transmission,instrument installation and other aspectsof hydrogeochemical and isotopic data, and laid a good foundation for the next step of cooperation.