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IRCK Joined Group on Earth Observations (GEO)

Published Time:2021-07-28

Recently, the 55th Executive Committee of the Group on Earth Observations (GEO) decided to agree that the UNESCO International Research Center on Karst (IRCK) should join as a partner organization. The international influence of the Center has been further enhanced.

GEO,established in 2005, is the largest and most authoritative international intergovernmental organization in the field of Earth observation. China is one of the founding members and one of the co-chair countries of GEO. The goal of GEO is to develop and establish an integrated, coordinated and sustainable global comprehensiveEarthobservation systemso as to better understand the Earth system and provide information services for decision-making, from initial observation data to specialized application products.

IRCK plans to promote global observation of karst geology in the fields of sustainable development, climate change, disaster mitigation and data sharing. It will monitor and acquire, organize and analyze, and develop and utilize relevant data, thus producing high-quality information service products to fill data gaps for socio-economic development in karst areas on a global scale, and support decision making on resource and environmental management.