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IRCK attends the 56thCCOPAnnual Sessiononline

Published Time:2020-12-10

    The Coordinating Committee for Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia (CCOP), founded in 1987, is the only inter-governmental international geo-science organization in East and Southeast Asia. So far, IRCK has conducted long-term karst geological comparison and research cooperation with CCOP in terms of groundwater, geo-hazards prevention and control, environmental protection and geoscience information management, etc.

    As an important part of CCOP Member Country Report of China in 2020, the karst geological work compiled by IRCK covers many areas, including China's karst scientific research, geological survey, international exchange and cooperation, regional partnership, information mapping and popular science education.The findings in karst carbon cycle's dealing with global climate change, water resources development and management, landscape resources survey, rocky desertification control can effectively contribute to the sustainable development goals, and play a significant role in helping CCOP to organize cooperative research in the region.

    The 56th Annual Session of CCOP took place online from November 3-4, 2020. It was attended by representatives from 12 member countries of CCOP, nine partner countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada and Denmark, as well as nine international cooperative organizations including  IGU, UNESCO and International Young Earth Scientists' Society . Cao Jianhua, executive deputy director of IRCK, and Luo Qukan, deputy secretary-general of IRCK attended the meeting online. At the meeting, representative from China, one of the important member countries of CCOP, delivered the national report on November 3, focusing on the achievements in geological work of China in 2020. Through the discussion and exchange with other representatives, IRCK has further understood the regional geoscience research results, the progress of various countries, and the latest research theories in the world. It has also expanded its cooperation and exchange with other entities, and laid a good foundation for the good operation of IRCK in the following years.