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IRCK works with UTP to jointly apply for an IGCP project

Published Time:2021-02-01

    In November 2020, based on the long-established good international cooperation relationship, the Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) contacted with IRCK, hoping to jointly apply for the new IGCP project: "Spatial distribution of karst data and digital geographic information interaction in Malaysia Peninsula". Professor Jiang Zhongcheng from IRCK was invited to serve as the co-chairman of the International Working Group.

    The project will establish basic scientific data records for karst mountains in the study area, including its physical characteristics and the extent of environmental impact threats it is facing. With the state-of-the-art remote sensing technology, the project aims to effectively detect and map the characteristics of different ecosystems in karst areas, and to understand the geographical spatial distribution of karst landforms in Malaysia Peninsula. The comprehensive online findings will contribute to groundwater reservoir management, mitigating karst geo-hazards and promoting nature conservation.Given the importance of the project in karst ecological protection and international comparative study, the Chinese National Committee for IGCP spoke highly of the project and supported IRCK to jointly apply for it.