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IRCK holds drawing competition on protecting Lijiang River for primary school students across China

Published Time:2020-06-09

     A drawing competition was recently held by IRCK forprimary school students across China, focusing on the major theme of “Protecting Lijiang River in a science-based way”. The objectives were to promote the spirit of scientific research, disseminate earth science knowledge, raise the awareness of children in protecting the earth and cherishing the resources, allow the general public to understand karst geological knowledge and ecological environment in karst areas so that they can actively protectLijiang River, landscapes in Guilin and the ecological environment of the earth as a whole.

    The competition targeted the primary school students across the country. Through online voting and judges’ review, prizes were awarded to 21 drawings, including three first prizes, five second prizes, seven third prizes and six prizes of honorable mention.

A Wonderland, a winning entry


Protecting Lijiang River, a winning entry