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IRCK conducts online popular science education activity on the 51st World Earth Day

Published Time:2020-04-28

    Since the celebration for the 51st World Earth Day was started, IRCK has organized a series of online popular science education activities on karst for one week. Yuan Daoxian, academician with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Chen Weihai, chief scientist of a national key R&D program, as well as other experts were invited to give lectures online. After that, the online contest on karst popular science was launched. Some articles on karst groundwater, geo-sites and karst collapse, etc. were posted on the website and official WeChat account of the Institute of Karst Geology. In this way, major geological survey results and scientific and technological innovation achievements in karst were displayed to the general public online. These activities attracted and won acclaim from audiences all over China, especially the first "Li Siguang Squadron" in Guilin.


Online science lectures by Yuan Daoxian, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences