About the Project

Published Time:2020-09-14

About the Project:

The project was approved by the IGCP Council’s Scientific Committee at the 45thInternational Congress in February 2017. With a duration of five years (2017-2021),the project is led by Prof. Jiang Zhongcheng from the Institute of Karst Geology, the Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences. Under the theme of earth’s critical zone, the project focuses on some scientific issues such as the structure, formation, evolution, function and sustainable use of karst critical zone, in particular the impacts of Himalayan uplift, Middle East highlands and Alpine orogeny on the formation and evolution of karst in Tethys region from different spatial scales ( section, watershed and Tethys region); the impacts of geological structure and climatic and vegetation differentiation in different regions on the composition, hydrogeological structure and type features of karst critical zone; the impacts of biogeochemical process, especially microbial process, on the material circulation in the critical zone. The objectives of the project are to:

(1) reveal the watershed process and the flux changes of carbon, water and calcium in the karst critical zone;

(2) assess the difference of material circulation in different critical zones and the impacts of climatic, hydrological and ecological processes on the structure of critical zones;

(3) study the hydrological and ecological functions, influencing factors, recording indicators and maintenance mechanism of critical zones;

(4) provide scientific basis and technical  data for restoring degraded and fragile ecosystems; and,

(5) develop monitoring topics and standards for different karst critical zones to pave the way for the establishment of global monitoring network for critical zones.