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IRCK delegates attend the 4th International Conference on Water Resources and Environment (WRE2018)

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

The IRCK’syoung scholar Dr. Zhou Changsong visited Taiwan to attend the 4thInternational Conference on Water Resources and Environment (WRE2018) on July17-22, 2018. As an important academic exchange platform on global waterresources and environment, WRE covers such research fields as water resourcesplanning and management, hydraulics, water contamination and control,groundwater hydrology, water environment protection, sustainable irrigation,fresh water ecology, marine ecology and environment, ecology, wetland system,environmental pollution, and environmental toxicology. This annual event wassponsored by I-Shou University of Taiwan, and co-organized by Jilin University,Wuhan University and Indian Institute of Technology. Dr. Zhou Changsong gavepresentation in the form of poster “The model of underground river pollution inkarst area of the southwest china” to detail the underground rivercontamination model in China’s karst areas. Finally, the second meeting of theIAC decided that the 5thInternational Conference on Water Resourcesand Environment (WRE2019) will be held in Macao, China.

In thecourse of this meeting, Zhou Changsong talked with the domestic and foreignexperts about the groundwater vulnerability, contamination model and karstprotection and utilization in karst areas, and learned and exchanged viewsabout the advanced technologies and methods of water resources and environmentin China and abroad. Moreover, the meeting participants also visited thewetland park on the right bank of Gaoping River, Dashu District, Kaohsiung. Thiswetland park is South Taiwan’s largest artificial wetland as the comprehensivecontrol demonstration zone of water environment and ecological environment inthe Asia-Pacific Regionattracting many scientists and scholars. The industrial and household wastewateris used as the sole source of the ecological pool inside the park, and thewater purification and absorption mechanism of wetland plants andmicroorganisms is exploited to purify water so as to change Gaoping River’scurrent ecological condition featured by many high-stem plants and dirty riverwater and provide the wild animals with a good habitat. The wetland’s layoutand management offered some insights for us.


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Groupphoto of the attendees