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IRCK delegates attend the REF 2018 Conference

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

The IRCK’sdelegation of six members headed by Jiang Zhongcheng attended RFG (Resourcesfor Future Generations) 2018 Conference in Canada on June 12-21, 2018. Thisconference included the parallel session EA26: IGCP 661 Karst Critical Zone(2017-2021). This working meeting was co-chaired by Jiang Zhongcheng, chairpersonof IGCP 661International Working group and deputy director of IKG, andMartin Knez, co-chairperson of IGCP 661International Working group and researcherfrom Slovenia Karst Research Institute. Over 40 scholars from China, Slovenia,Columbia and Slovakia attended this conference. The international working groupreviewed IGCP661’s research findings during the first half of 2018, discussedabout each involved country’s work progress in 2018, and exchanged views aboutthe key work including the construction of monitoring stations in karstcritical zone for the B&R countries and the generation of karst ecologicalinternational standards. The project team members from different countriesexpressed their willingness to support this work and promise to their own researchtasks under the overall arrangement of working group.

Thereports at the conference mainly covered such research topics as waterresources exploitation and utilization of karst critical zone, water-soilleakage mechanism, and carbon cycle and sink, which were consistent with theresearch tasks of IGCP661 project. The scientists present showed considerableresearch interests in and reflections on the karst critical zones. JiangZhongcheng, Pei Jianguo, Zhang Cheng and Bai Bing gave the oral presentationsincluding “Soil Leakage Features in Karst Peak Cluster Areas of SouthwestChina”, “Current Status on Exploitation and Utilization of Karst WaterResources in Southwest China”, “Diel variation of electrical conductivity andcalcite precipitation in Chaotian River, Guilin, China”, and “Changes of CarbonSink Capacity of Underground River in Karst Areas”.


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Opening ceremony of RFGconference

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Prof.JiangZhongcheng, GB-II  member of the IRCK,and  Prof. Zhang Cheng, theSecretary-General of the IRCK, and Mr. Bai Bing, the Secretary of the IRCK at the scene of the event