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IRCK delegates attend the 6th Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa Water Forum

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

The IRCK’sdelegation of four members, headed by the IRCK’s Executive Deputy Director CaoJianhua, went to attend the 6th Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa WaterForum on July 21-28, 2018. Water Resources Dialogue: China-Africa Water Forumwas sponsored by the IRCK and University of the Western Cape, South Africa. It’s an annual international seminaron “Sustainable Utilization of Water Resources of Developing Countries”. Afterits successful organization for five consecutive years, this event has becomean international academic exchange platform to promote the communication andcooperation among the scholars from the developing countries of Africa and Asia. As one of the sponsors, the IRCK has activelypromoted and participated in this event, and exchanged the research status andresults with African countries in terms of the effects of exploitation ofmineral resources on water ecological environment, the effects of climatechange on regional drought and floods, and the circulation, development,management and sustainable utilization of water resources by organizing themeeting and conducting communication, promoted the implementation of GlobalKarst and enhanced the IRCK’s international influence and status.

Cao Jianhua, as the special guest, attendedthe discussion panel of the organizing committee of the forum. He gave thereport on “Introduction to International Big Scientific Plan on the Resourcesand Environmental Effects of Global Karst Dynamic Systems”, and presided overthe report on and discussion about “hydrogeology and ecological hydrology”. TheIRCK’s Dr. Lan Funing, Dr. Shen Haoyong and Dr. Bai Bing gave oralpresentations respectively and took part in the discussion. Based on such an opportunityas Global Karst, the IRCK conducted the broad communication with therepresentatives to discuss about how to promote the international bigscientific plan, and arrived at the intent of cooperation on the applicationfor projects, construction of monitoring stations and staff exchange andtraining. The participants communicated about the technologies and experiencesin China-Africa water resources management, hydrogeology, and watercontamination control, and develop the friendship with foreign counterparts. Inthis way, a positive cooperation outlook has been created for promoting GlobalKarst and the scientific research on water resources development andmanagement.


Group photo ofthe IRCK’s delegation with the specially invited guests by the organizer


Group photo of the IRCK’s delegation with the specially invitedguests by the organizer

A report by the IRCK’s Executive Deputy Director Cao Jianhua