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IRCK delegates attend the International Association of Hydrogeologists (IAH) 2018 Congress

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

A delegation of 18members from China Geological Survey (including six members from the IRCK), asheaded by Researcher Hao Aibing, the department director, visited Daejeon,South Korea to attend IAH2018 Congress, focusing on about 45 topics. The IRCKassigns the scholars to attend this event every year. The annual presence candemonstrate China’sresearch findings in karst hydrogeology and tighten the connection with theworldwide researchers in this field. Besides, this year’s IAH Congress willhold the special session on “Critical Zone of Karst System” under the seventhtopic.


The IRCK’sscholars including Researcher Lei Mingtang, Associate Researcher Meng Yan, AssociateResearcher Dai Jianling, Associate Researcher Yu Shi, Dr. Sun Ping’an and Dr.Li Jianhong introduced the IRCK’s progress in karst geological survey andscientific research in the light of karst carbon sink, karst collapse and karstrocky desertification at the special session on the seventh topic “CriticalZone of Karst System”. They gave oral presentations as follows: “Study onmechanism of karst collapse induced by extreme climate events”, “Chemicalcharacteristics of groundwater indicate the soil cave growth”,“Analysis to watergushing and features of karstification in Chaoyang tunnel”, “Study onlossing sink effect in carbonate weathering due to acid rain inatypical karst watershed”, “Effects of aquatic phototrophson seasonal hydrochemical, inorganic and organic carbon variations in a typicalkarst basin, Southwest China”, and “Spatial Variation and the ResponseProcesses of Soil Moisture and Leaf Water Potential of Apple Tree to LightRainfall Events in Plateau of the Karst”.


The IRCK’s scholars present listened to threespecial sessions under the seventh topic “Advances in Karst and Fractured-rockHydrogeology”, and conducted the in-depth communication with the domestic andforeign scholars about the numerical simulation of groundwater in karstfractured aquifer, the aquifer protection and utilization and the karst criticalzone. After the meeting, the IRCK’s representatives introduced theinternational big scientific plan on “Global Karst”, and hoped that thescientists across the world could participate in this plan and strengthen theinternational cooperation and communication in the karst area.


Groupphoto of the delegation members of China Geological Survey