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IRCK delegate attend the 2018 GSA Annual Meeting

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

The IRCK’s Executive Deputy Director Cao Jianhuavisited Indianapolis, Indiana to attend The Geological Society ofAmerica (GSA) 2018 Annual Meeting on November 2-9, 2018. GSA is oneof the best-known and most influential organizations in the world geologicalarena. The themes at the meeting included the important channels for the communicationand learning of those scientists in the global karstology and the relatedfields. This meeting mainly discussed about the simulation of karstgroundwater, evaluation of karst groundwater vulnerability, karst landform,karst hyporheic zone, karst geology and remote sensing, karst groundwatercontamination, karst cave monitoring, migration of karst substances, and globalchanges and water resources management. Cao Jianhua was invited to give apresentation on “The carbon cycle inducing by carbonate rock weathering in akarst critical zone--a case study in Zhujiang River Basin, South China”.

Cao Jianhua took part in several special sessions,watched bulletin boards and visited the exhibition stands of all the geologicalassociations, international organizations and the geosciences schools ofuniversities. The IRCK’s meeting participants enjoyed a chance to have broadcommunication with the domestic and foreign scholars in the light of conversionof substance and energy, rational development and exploitation of waterresources, karst ecological environment, and karst hyporheic zone in karstcritical zone, and forged the friendship with the counterparts. They hoped thatmore scientists can get involved in “GlobalKarst”. The meeting helped to increase the IRCK’s reputation and developed thepositive cooperation outlook for promoting Global Karst and water resourcesexploitation and management.

Poster of GSA AnnualMeeting