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IRCK delegate attend the 5th Chin-Africa Water Resources Dialogue in Zimbabwe

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

From July 29 to August 6, 2017, three researchers from IRCK, includingProf. Liang Yongping and Prof. Pei Jianguo, visited Zimbabwe to attend the 5thChinAfricaWater Resources Dialogue. The forum, sponsored by the National University ofScience and Technology of Zimbabwe (NUST) and IRCK,focused on a wide range of issuesrelated to water resources and the environment, such as the management andsustainable utilizationof water resources, the impact of mining operations onwater resources and ecosystems, the impact of coalbed methane and shale gas ongroundwater, exploration and development of groundwater resources, trans-boundarywaterresources issues and policies, closer the relationshipbetween China and Africa,water recycling andtransformation of “four types of water” (atmospheric water,surface water, soil water and groundwater), and the impact of climate change onregional drought and flood disasters. The researchers from IRCK delivered threeoral presentations, i.e.: “Analysis on the drainage of typical acid coal minesin northern China” (Liang Yongping); “Study on the karst groundwater pollutionpatterns” (PeiJianguo); and “Study on the source of NiangziguanLarge Spring inShanxi Province, China” (Tang Chunlei).

       The delegates from IRCKintroduced the characteristics of dynamic monitoring on the abandoned minewater in a typical coal mine in northern China, as well as the latest researchfindings on the karst groundwater system pollution patterns in SouthChina.Meanwhile, the researchers from IRCK also learned about the monitoring ofwater quality and quantity of acidic water in Zimbabwes coal mines and theeffect of using aquatic plants to treat the acid water in multiple levels.After the meeting, the delegation discussed the issue of establishing an observationstation in Zimbabwe with Prof. XuYongxin (a member of the Academic Committee ofIRCK), the president and vice president of NUST. This has further promoted thebilateral cooperation between China and Africa, and contributed to theimplementation of International Big Scientific Plan in building monitoringstations in Zimbabwe.