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IRCK delegates attend the 52nd CCOP Annual Session and Academic Symposium in the Philippines

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

       From October 15-20, 2017, a 13-memberdelegation of CGS headed by Wang Kun, deputy director of CGS, including Prof.Zhang Cheng from IRCK, visited the Philippines to attend the 52nd CCOP Annual Sessionand Academic Symposium. The Session, with a theme of "The Role ofGeosciences in Safeguarding Environment", was sponsored by theCoordinating Committee for Geoscience Programs in East and Southeast Asia(Thailand), and jointly organized by the Mines and Geosciences Bureau of theDepartment of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippines, and theEnergy Resource Development Bureau of the Department of Energy of thePhilippines, and CCOP Secretariat. By presenting the annual work progress byrepresentatives from CCOP’s member countries and cooperating countries, theannual session aimed to enhance regional cooperation, define the future workplan of CCOP, and expand bilateral and multilateral cooperation in geosciencesthrough information sharing and results exchange. In the sub-session focusingon “Development and environmental protection of groundwater resources”, Prof.Zhang Cheng from IRCK delivered an oral presentation entitled “Diurnal changesof DIC and electrical conductivity in rivers in subtropical karst areas. In addition, he shared with the participants the background,international cooperation and progress of the IGCP 661 project in which IRCK isthe implementing agency.

       This event is expected to playan important role in helping IRCK to fully leverage CCOP’s regional geosciencesplatform to implement the Belt and Road Initiative, enhance internationalcooperation, expand the influence of IRCK, and carry out the International BigScientific Plan on Resources and Environmental Effects ofGlobal Karst Dynamic Systems.