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IRCK delegates attend the 15th Annual Meeting of Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 2018

Author:IRCK-NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

    The IRCK’s Associate Researcher Yin Jianjun attended the 15th Annual Meeting of Asia-Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) 2018 in Hawaii on June 3-10, 2018. This annual event is the most important academic activity organized by AOGS and a platform for the scientists in Asian even global geosciences area to have academic exchange and communication. This year’s meeting provided the topic “the high-resolution terrestrial and marine indicators on climate and environment change since the last deglacial period of the Asia-Oceania” for the experts on stalagmite research for paleoclimate in an aim to discuss about the research progress with stalagmite and other high-resolution records. Yin Jianjun was invited to give an oral report on “Multi-decadal summer monsoonal rainfall changes in Wuling mountain area between the MCA and LIA revealed by an aragonite stalagmite” and had the intensive communication with the international counterparts.

    In the course of this meeting, Yin Jianjun introduced the IRCK’s the research progress in ancient climate reconstruction through stalagmite recordsand learned from and exchanged views with the foreign experts about the high-resolution of ancient climate records. He believed that modern monitoring and meteorology can be combined to interpret the geological recording indicator as the key to connect ancient climate with present climate. Besides, Yin introduced the IRCK’s “Global Karst” International Big Scientific Plan and hoped that more scientists can take part in this plan. This meeting enhanced the IRCK’s reputation in the ancient climate research area, and promoted the communication and cooperation between the IRCK’s scholars and international scholars. After the meeting, Yin Jianjun investigated the coastline geology near Waikiki, Island of Oahu, Hawaii.


Report by Associate Researcher Yin Jianjun