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IRCK delegates attend the international course and field seminar “Characterization and Engineering of Karst Aquifers–CEKA” and Symposium“Karst 2018-Expect the Unexpected”

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

    The IRCK’s researcher PuJunbing attended “Karst Aquifer Characteristics and Engineering” International Training Course” and “Karst 2018: Hope and Unknown” International Academic Forum on May 26-June 12, 2018 in Bosnia. This international training course and international academic forum was chaired by Prof. Zoran Stevanovic, the director of Karst Hydrogeological Center of University of Belgrade, Serbia, and chairman of IAH’s commission on karst hydrogeology. Prof. Petar T. Milanovic from University of Belgrade, GB-II member of the IRCK, and Prof. Derek Ford from McMaster University,GB-II member of IRCK, attended the events.

    Pu Junbing was invited to give an academic report on “Tracing Carbon in Karst System” at “Karst 2018- Expect the UnexpectedSymposium, introduced in details the carbon cycle in the karst areas, and discussed with the experts present at the event. What’s more, PuJunbing was invited to give a 1.5-hour lecture on “Critical Zone in China’s Karst Area” at “Karst Aquifer Characteristics and Engineering” International Training Course on the afternoon of June 2. This visit created an opportunity to build the good international partnership with the domestic and foreign karst hydrogeologists and contributed to the further implementation of “Global Karst”.

    The two conferences offered a chance to exhibit the IRCK’s latest research findings and increase the influence of CGS, and IKG/IRCK in the international academic arena, deepen cooperation and exchange with European karstologists and lay a solid cooperation basis for project “comparative geological and environmental study and mapping of key karst areas along B&R”.


Researcher Pu Junbing at “Karst 2018-Expect the UnexpectedSymposium