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IRCK delegates attend the 15th Multi-disciplinary Conference on Karst Collapse and Karst Engineering Environmental Effects

Author:IRCK/NICK Published Time:2019-08-26

    Dr. Jia Long and Dr. Pan Zongyuan from the IRCK visited the United States to attend the 15thMulti-disciplinary Conference on Karst Collapse and Karst Engineering Environmental Effects on April 1-4, 2018. The conference was co-organized by National Cave and Karst Research Institute and Karst Waters Institute. This biennial event is an important platform for the academic exchange, the learning of experience and technology, and the demonstration of research findings of karstology and the related academic fields in the world. The conference focused on karst effects and karst-related environmental and geological problems, and conducted an intensive discussion and analysis through basic theories and practical cases. The IRCK’s delegation presented two posters to display the research findings including “Study on Early Recognition Methods of Cover-Collapse Sinkhole in China” (Jia Long) and “Research on Monitoring and Early Warning Technology for Sinkhole” (Pan Zongyuan).

    In the form of posters, the delegation introduced the IRCK’s latest research findings for the last years, including the formation mechanism, monitoring and warning, early identification technologies and methods, geological radar, hydraulic monitoring and optical fiber sensing and monitoring technologies of karst collapse, as well as the prevention and control of urban karst collapse. The delegation also exchanged their views with the international counterparts. They took this opportunity to learn about the latest international research findings about the survey, evaluation, monitoring, warning and risk management of such geological disasters as karst collapse. Some advanced technologies and methods as well as management experience can offer some insights for the experts on karst collapse.



Group photo of the IRCK’s delegation at the conference