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Results Announcement for the 2nd“Earth Day Short Video Campaign” by IKG/IRCK

Published Time:2022-05-16

The 2nd“Earth Day Short Video Campaign” host by IKG/IRCK has come to an end. In total, 1 First Prize, 2 Second Prizes, and 2 Third Prizes have been elected through public and expert voting.

During the whole month of the campaign, participants from China and abroad submitted their works, and by the end of the campaign, candidate’s videos had been played nearly a thousand times. The works submitted closely followed the theme of Earth Day but had diverse forms. Among them, the first prize winner video Retain the Spring in Our Green Future has especially beautiful photography and smooth editing. With the children reading the environmental protection initiative for Earth Day, its audience’s enthusiasm for environmental protection action were greatly aroused.

Next, IKG/IRCK will further strengthen the publicity and encourage more people and scientists to participate in our events. IKG/IRCK will continue to expand the popularization of science by raising the public's awareness of protecting the environment and embracing science through the future short video campaigns.