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IRCK sucessfully organized the 2nd plenary meeting of ISO/TC 319

Published Time:2023-12-15
 On December 9, 2022, the 2nd plenary meeting of the Technical Committee on Karst of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO/TC 319) was successfully held online and offline. IRCK/IKG, as the responsible unit of the Secretariat and the Chinese technical counterpart, organized the meeting.

The meeting focused on promoting international standardization on karst. Mr. Sauvage Stéphane, Technical Program Manager (TPM) of ISO Central Secretariat (ISO/CS), introduced the latest changes and application of ISO/IECDirectives, and shared the latest work methods in international standardization field with all participants in detail. Prof. Zhang Cheng and Prof. Huang Yongheng, as the leaders of the two proposals “Specification of monitoring technology for karst critical zones” and “Technical specification of wearable protective clothing for scientific research and exploration enthusiasts into karst cave” respectively,explained the specific content and significance of two proposals and the improvement of the comment collected in the committee internal balloting, which will be resubmitted after subsequent revision. Mr. Bai Bing, the acting manager of the meeting, reported the work of the Secretariat from 2019 to 2022, and proposed the next work direction for the experts of the Committee to discuss. The discussion resulted in a number of resolutions and the main contents are as follows: First, it was believed that the current composition of ISO/TC 319 needs to be further expanded. It was suggested to establish contacts with relevant technical committees and international organizations within the ISO framework to increase the number of participating members in the international standardization of karst. Second, in order to better promote the formation of international standards, it was recommended to actively promote the progress of the current proposals and clarify the ownership of relevant proposals to the technical committee.Thirdly, itwas to propose international standards on climate change and geological tourism. In addition, the participants discussed the revision of the strategic business plan hosted by IRCK, and the final meeting resolution and minutes were submitted to the ISO system in accordance with the working rules.

The meeting was chaired by Prof. Jiang Zhongcheng, the Chair of ISO/TC 319, and six international experts from ISO/CS, Canada, Austria, Latvia and other countries; Gao Aimin, Inspector of the Department of Science and Technology Development of the Ministry of Natural Resources, China, relevant leading experts of the China Geological Survey, scientists and leaders such as Academician Yuan Daoxian and Researcher Zhao Xiaoming of IRCK, and enterprise representatives attended the meeting.