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The First "International Geodiversity Day" Science Training Successfully Held in Xiangxi

Published Time:2022-10-12

On October 5-6, the Caves Committee of Geological Society of China, together with Xiangxi UNESCO Geopark and Xiangxi Cave Expedition, held the first "International Geodiversity Day" science training in Xiangxi, Hunan.

The invited expert gave a presentation on "Karst Geodiversity and Xiangxi UNESCO Geopark", introducing the significance of geodiversity and the establishment of International Geodiversity Day, the characteristics of karst geodiversity, the geodiversity of Xiangxi and the history of karst geomorphic evolution, the paleoclimatic records of cave stalagmites and the value of paleontological fossils in Xiangxi Geopark.

Through this event, the whole society is called to pay attention to geodiversity and biodiversity, so that the public can have an increasing awareness of the importance of geodiversity in maintaining the earth system on which human beings depend, and make joint efforts and active contributions to the conservation and sustainability of geodiversity.