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IRCK successfully held the third meeting of the second academic committee

Published Time:2021-12-15

On December 7, 2021, UNESCO International Research Center on Karst (hereinafter referred to as “IRCK”) held the third meeting of its second academic committee online. A total of 14 experts and scholars participated in this meeting.

The participants listened to the report of IRCK's achievements in 2019-2021 made by Cao Jianhua, Executive Deputy Director of IRCK, which covered seven aspects, including organization and management, scientific research, academic exchange, international training, scientific popularization, construction of new bases, and activities of the International Year of Caves and Karst. Dr. Luo Qukan, Deputy Secretary General of IRCK, reported the development plan (draft) of IRCK for the next 8 years, which covers 4 strategic goals (disciplinary development, social services, global human resources network, and three-dimensional international platform) and 13 sub-goals related to supporting the realization of the strategic goal of 2030 sustainable development of karst region.

All members fully affirmed the achievements of IRCK in the past three years and agreed that IRCK has made important contributions to overcome the impact of the epidemic and continue to provide platform support for international cooperation, academic exchange and international training in the field of karst. All members were highly concerned about the development plan of IRCK in the next eight years and made further specific suggestions: First, to strengthen the cooperation with the Commission on Karst Hydrogeolog of the International Association of Hydrogeologists, the Karst Commission of the International Geographical Union and the International Union of Caves, and further promote the implementation of the “Global Karst” international scientific program; second, to Establish a global karst big data platform to share global karst data; Third, enrich and improve the international research cases of “karst key zone monitoring technology standard” in ISO/TC 319 to achieve the global standard; Fourth, continue to participate in and enhance the influence of the International Year of Caves and Karst to improve public awareness of karst; Fifth, share experimental platform and use cave sediments to jointly carry out global change-related research; sixth, improve existing karst exploration techniques and methods to prevent and monitor geological disasters that may be generated by major projects in karst areas; seventh, organize large-scale international conferences and promote personnel exchanges, especially make full use of academic committee meetings to carry out thematic academic exchanges and jointly promote the progress of karst discipline.

IRCK will further improve the eight-year plan on the basis of members' suggestions and implement it step by step to provide an efficient and high quality international platform for the development of karst science in the world.