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IRCK Visited Wagou Complete Primary School in Gongcheng County to Carry out Science Popularization

Published Time:2021-10-28
  Recently, the project team of “Hydrogeological Survey of Guijiang-Liujiang River Basin” of the Institute of Karst Geology, China Geological Survey visited Wagou Complete Primary School in Xiling Town, Gongcheng County, Guangxi to carry out a popularization activity on the theme of “Protecting Fragile Groundwater”.
   The activity was carried out in various forms such as PPT presentation, interactive Q&A and distribution of brochures. The project team vividly explained to more than 200 students and teachers of Wagou Complete Primary School what is groundwater andthe importance of groundwater in human life and the survival of plants and animals.The team also showed the freshwater jellyfish (Craspedacusta) living in the underground riverthrough pictures and explained the differences between groundwater and surface water in terms of distribution, water quality and mining, so that everyone could understand the preciousness of groundwater resources. Besides, the project team talked about the environmental problems caused by groundwater pollution in the process of industrialization and urbanization, focusing on the characteristics of karst groundwater pollution, telling everyone how to protect karst groundwater in daily life.
   Through this popularization, teachers and students enhanced their awareness of protecting karst groundwater, saving water and caring for ecological environment, and they unanimously expressed their hope to hold more similar popularization activities.