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Seminar on China-ASEAN Karst Geology Comparative Study and Mapping is successfully hosted in Nanning

Published Time:2021-06-03

    On May 21, 2021, Seminar on China-ASEAN Karst Geology Comparative Study and Mapping, organized by the Institute of Karst Geology of China Geological Survey and the International Research Centre on Karst under UNESCO, was successfully held in Nanning International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 90 scholars from 14 countries participated in the seminar offline and online. As an important part of the 11th China-ASEAN Mining Cooperation Forum & Exhibition 2021, the theme of this seminar is “unity and coordination, mutualbenefit, and promoting pragmatic China-ASEAN cooperation on karst geology”.

    During the meeting, four scholars from Thailand, Serbia, Slovenia and Iran made online introduction of karst geologyand landform, karst water resources and the progress of karst research methods of each country. They showed the achievements and potentials of application of karst geology in water resources utilization, paleoanthropology, climate change response, ecological geology, cave development and other fieldsandtheir hope for more international cooperation and talent exchange with China. Four scholars from China introduced the karst geologyand possible risksof the western land-sea corridor, the construction and operation plan of Sino-Cambodia Karst Critical Zone Observation and Research Station, the latest achievements in the China-Southeast Asiacooperative mapping of karst geological environment, and the construction plan of the Sino-Slovenian "Belt and Road Initiative" karst geology joint research laboratory.

    Zhao Xiaoming, deputy director of the Institute of Karst Geology of China Geological Survey, presided over the seminar. Wu Xixi, party group memberof the Department of Natural Resources of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region attended the meeting and delivered a speech. China attaches high importance to geoscience cooperation with ASEAN and countries along the "Belt and Road Initiative".Through this seminar, China hopes to further promote international exchanges and cooperation in karst geology, scientific progress of karst, and the sustainable development of resources and environment in global karst areas. 

Deputy Director of the Institute of Karst Geology of China Geological Survey Zhao Xiaoming introduced the guests