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IRCK successfully holds the Third Meeting of the Second Session of Its Governing Board

Published Time:2021-01-24

On December 21, 2020, the Third Meeting of the Second Session of the Governing Board of International Research Center on Karst under the Auspices of UNESCO (IRCK) took place in Guilin. The meeting was attended by 16 members of the Board from home and abroad online and offline. Director of RICK Hu Maoyan, the Secretary General Zhang Cheng and the staff of the center also joined in the meeting.

At the meeting, Mr. Peng Qiming, chairman of the Board, introduced the distinguished guests and read out the agenda of this meeting. First of all, Cao Jianhua, executive deputy director of IRCK reported the work progress of IRCK in 2019-2020 and the work plan in 2021-2022, in terms of organization and management, scientific research, international cooperation and training, and popular science consultation.

Cao Jianhua, executive deputy director of IRCK, delivers a work report

During the process of reviewing, the domestic and foreign directors unanimously agreed that IRCK has made great achievements over the past two years, especially under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

First, it has actively strengthenedcommunication with international organizations such as UNESCO, IUGS andMAB, on its work progress, promote project implementation, and achieve cross-sectoral collaboration;

Second, it hasexplored new ways of online meetings to hold international training courses on different topics, such as landscape resources development and natural heritage sites protection. These training courses have attracted a wide range of trainers and trainees, and produceda brand effect. More importantly, these training courses are in line with the sustainable development goals of the United Nations, highlighting the spiritual connotation of UNESCO;

Third, it has carried out a lot of scientific research work in the fields of water resources development, karst collapse and disaster reduction. While having produced scientific papers with high impact, these research findings have promoted regional socio-economic development and secured the support from local governments;

Fourth, it has carried out ecological industry development, including comprehensive rocky desertification control and biodiversity conservation, which is of great significance in promoting regional socio-economic development, targeted poverty alleviation and environmental protection;

Fifth, the implementation of the Global KarstBig Scientific Program has established a good exchange and research platform for international karstologists. So far,IRCK has become an affiliated organization under IUGS. It has further enhanced its international influence and carried out wider cooperation;

Sixth, the successful operation of the new base of IRCK has provided more favorable conditions for the phenomenal development of IRCK.